Are You Clear On Why Your Client Wants To Improve?

How often do you find out why you client might want to recover from or better manage a chronic condition?

It’s really easy after assessing your client for you to decide what treatment outcome they can achieve. But is it what the client wants?

Getting a clear picture of what your client expects from treatment is the first step in developing a productive relationship.

The next step is to find out why they want that outcome or what they will gain from that outcome.

This is can be more challenging to elicit from the client as it is values based.

Exploring a client’s goals and why they are important is a really worthwhile undertaking.

Values drive our decisions. When you’re clear on your client’s values you can use them to frame the treatment options they have.

Your challenge this week is to look at some of your clients who are non compliant and determine whether you are clear on what they want from treatment and WHY this is important to them.

Here are a couple of suggestions to help you can do this:

“What will gain when you (insert goal)?”

“What do you miss most because of this injury/illness?”

“What would be the positive outcomes from achieving (insert goal)?”

“Why are these important to you?”

Play around with the words so they feel comfortable to you but your aim is to find out what’s important from your client and why it’s important.

Any questions go to our Facebook page and post them there so that others can benefit from the answers.

We’d also love to hear of any successes you have.

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