What Is The Focus Of Your Consultation?

What is the focus of your consultation?

It’s easy to assume that a client wants a certain thing from a consultation but this assumption can sometimes be flawed.

I made the mistake once of assuming a client wanted a thorough assessment and treatment for the condition he came in for. When he went out to the reception he didn’t want to pay his bill because he did not get ultrasound on his knee!

It became very tricky. I came out and explained, again what I’d done and why. He begrudgingly paid his bill but never came back.

I could have avoided this scenario but asking him at the beginning of the consultation what he wanted to get out of the session.

Even though ultrasound was not going to help him as he’d ruptured his ACL, I could have given him 5’ of this modality whilst explaining the injury and my recommendation. He would have been happier and most likely would have came back to see me after he had surgery.

Your challenge this week is to be clear on what your clients want out of their time with you. Both in the current session and long term.

This is especially so with any new clients.

A simple question like – “What do you want out of our time together both today and in the long term?”

You might be surprised at what the client says but at least you will avoid the mistake I made.

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