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Kay Lindley

Kay Lindley

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  • Provides tools to manage anxiety in self & others 100%
  • Workshops and Seminars 96%
  • Coaching for growth and productivity 98%
  • Language Training For Clinicians 97%

YOU want ME to work with you as a Facilitator and Coach. Yes you do – you just don’t know it yet.

Here’s why. I am a strategic, diversity minded, 55 year old with a passion for showing others the pathways to find their own centre of brilliance and grow. I love working in a team, getting down and creative and I’m absolutely positive about being positive.

You will find my background is a corporate savvy playground. One where dealing with Executives and Boards is a regular dalliance. Here I have developed a passion for coaching women in corporate environments.

In addition this has lead to private coaching over the years. Since 2010 I have been utilising knowledge gained through a Graduate Certificate in Neuro Linguistic Programming, backed up with trainers training from John Grinder (NLP founder), a sprinkling of David Grove’s Clean Language and Ericksonian hypnosis techniques to boot. Coaching floats my boat, I learn so much from each client and grow my personal bank of inspiration each and every time from the clients I meet, weaving new strengths into my repertoire of skills.

I may be a little grey these days and the kids have recently left home but I am capable and fun and you will frequently find I throw back my head for a big laugh. I love to know I have engaged others with dynamic presentations and therefore obtaining feedback is key.

I have private weekend clients and amongst other things have co-coached courses in conjunction with ‘The Coaching Space Tasmania and Annette Tonkin ‘Mind and Body Consultancy’.

With a background in information systems, I have been a change manager, program and project manager and are well versed in delivering to timeframes.

Skills and Attributes

I am a fun, strategic senior leader experienced in driving cultural change. Practiced in building high performance teams and implementing programs and projects.

I am excellent at rapport building, group facilitation and presentations. Able to foster genuine relationships with sound ability to communicate across all levels including with theExecutive and Board.

I have advanced coaching and mentoring skills. Outcome focused, collaborative, energetic and caring.


Development and delivery of:

  • Various and many presentations & proposals to Board, Executive and the regulator.
  • Coaching and Mentoring staff in the finance industry (My key role)
  • Coaching and mentoring women as champion of Diversity in the finance industry.

Coaching and Training

  • Coaching on the weekends with private clients. (Because I love making a difference)
  • 2012: A ‘Healthy living’ workshop for participants from Healthy Inspirations.
  • 2013: 5 days Process Oriented Coaching with ‘The Coaching Space Australia’. http://www.thecoachingspace.com.au/about/
  • 2014: 5 days Process Oriented Coaching with ‘The Coaching Space Australia’.
  • 2015: 2 days coaching ‘Dealing with challenging patients and enjoying the process’ for Fitwise Physiotherapy with Annette Tonkin ‘Mind and Body Consultancy’.
  • 2016: 2 x 2 weekends Coaching coming up with Annette Tonkin on ‘Dealing with Anxiety’.
  • 2017: 2 day course on managing difficult clients and anxiety

A Podcast Interview With Bev Roberts

Recently wellbeing coach, Bev Roberts interviewed me as her guest on her podcast show Living Fabulously with Bev.  The episode is aptly called Act On Unproductive Anxiety. A passion of mine and one that I delve into in our upcoming course:

Engage, Educate, Motivate

CLICK HERE to link to the podcast

We spoke about:

  • My passion for helping people become unflappable
  • The impact of suppressing a traumatic event and my way out of disabling anxiety
  • The spectrum of anxiety
  • Retaining the positive purpose of anxiety while letting go of unproductive anxiety
  • Challenges for someone dealing with anxiety
  • Side effects for people dealing with anxiety
  • Ways people can tackle their anxiety
  • The value of using truisms and belly breath to calm the body
  • Taking the best life lesson from a difficult situation or event
  • A focus on what you can do and not what you can’t do

Listen HERE ! (I don’t know how long it will be available for) No Optin.

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Here’s the link again and I’d love to hear any comments you have.


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Customer Testimonials

I speak from personal experience when I say that Kay has coached me in areas that I have struggled with and provided me with the confidence to challenge myself and ‘put myself out there’.

Despite leading a department of almost 70 staff, Kay always found time to build strong relationships with each individual and provide support in career and personal development. Kay had such a strong connection with everyone that worked within her division – because of this strong connection, she led an extremely successful team who constantly outperformed year after year.

The below key words describe Kay, Supportive- Inspiring- Trusting- Nurturing- Strong-Passionate

James Speechley

Kay has the ability to see the big picture and coach people towards making leaps in their personal and professional development. Kay is a vibrant, skilled mentor with infectious enthusiasm.

Head of Middle Office – ASX Corporate Bank

After a life event left me devastated and anxious, my mind was on a merry-go-round, regurgitating events. Kay gave me tips to stay calm and slay the dragon if it reared its head. This helped me move past this experience and embrace the world with a new sense of curiosity and adventure. I cannot thank her enough for helping me through this experience.

Alan Howkins

Kay is an engaging presenter with a great sense of humour who easily builds rapport. She has a large amount of experience in facilitating challenging but successful outcomes with small and large groups of stakeholders. Kay is an experienced coach and mentor and relates well to people of all levels within an organisation. In terms of work ethic, she delivers as promised and does so with a sense of passion and fun that is contagious for those around her. A highly recommended professional that would be an asset to the team!

Senior Manager - ASX Corporate Bank

Kay helped me with an almost crippling anxiety issue I had regarding interaction with a senior staff member at my work. What is a testament to Kay is that in only one session she took me through some visual techniques and tools to utilise which worked. My anxiousness has gone and all dealings with that senior staff member are completely different.

Kay you have a place in my circle of excellence now, you are amazing, thank you so much

POC participant

I attended a 5 day POC (Process Oriented Coaching) course led by Kay from Mindsalad. I am a Psychologist with 30 years experience and I have completed more training courses than I can remember! The quality of leadership and the content provided on this training course was beyond top shelf. Kay’s insight and presentation style meant that 23 participants from a wide variety of backgrounds and with vastly different skill sets were able to find value and meaning in an intensive training course introducing and developing a tool kit around something as complex as Process Oriented Coaching. No small feat. 10/10. Thanks Kay. You are amazing.

Mike Radburn

Consultant Psychologist

When I met Kay, I was at breaking point after ten years of chronic anxiety. Within 15 minutes she got me back from the edge. Over the next two days, she helped me let go of a problem I’d had since childhood, as well as giving me a suite of tools to apply more generally – which I still use today. Kay is an engaging and creative trainer, and an empowering and supportive coach.

POC participant

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