We pride ourselves on having a range of talented, experienced people who want to help transform the way health practitioners work with their clients to improve outcomes for all concerned.

Meet the TEAM

  • Onsite Training & Workshops 100%
  • Seminar & Conference Presentations 96%
  • Providing Language Tools To Improve The Interview Process 98%
  • Motivational tools to eliminate clinician frustration 97%

Annette Tonkin

Co-founder of Mind and Body Consultancy

Annette is the inspiration and co-founder of Mind and Body Consultancy. Annette creates drive and focus to ensure we touch as many Health Professionals as possible.

Past Experience: Annette worked as a sports physiotherapist for over 30 years. She has worked with elite athletes travelling the world as a team physiotherapist. These include the Australian Women’s Basketball Team and the Australian Women’s Cricket Team. She has also established and run a number of private practices.

Since ceasing her clinical work she has devoted her time to becoming an expert in the field of therapist/client communication. Annette’s aim is to build a team of like minded people that are passionate about language, communication and making a real difference to treatment outcomes for both the health professional and client.

Passions: Providing health professionals with the tools to make a difference with even the most unmotivated and challenging clients. Annette is inspired by those clinicians who want to refine the way they work with their clients and who’s aim is to enjoy the process of working with every client they see.

Personal Likes: Continuous learning, finding ways to keep an ageing and injured body mobile, photography, animals and spending time in nature with my partner. Annette also loves being able to make a difference to the lives of those not so fortunate through B1G1. Here she supports the provision of health and education to children in Cambodia and the care of animals at Edgars in Victoria.

If you’d like a bit more information about how I have spent the last 30 yours of my working life, click here

Gillie Bryant

Gill is the Organiser and Efficiency Officer as well as co-founder of Mind and Body Consultancy. Gill makes sure things always get done.

Experience: Gill has worked in the corporate setting to organise and “get things done” for those above her. She has extensive experience in the military setting over a number of years including deployments to Timor and Afghanistan. She currently serves as a Transport SGT and continues her high standard of efficiency leading others.

Passions: Getting things done, helping people succeed, making a contribution to her country.

Personal Likes: Photography, time spent with family and pets, keeping fit.


  • Administration and organisation 99%
  • Provides unique images for company use 96%
  • Background support 98%
  • Collecting statistics 99%
  • Provides tools to manage anxiety in self & others 100%
  • Workshops and Seminars 98%
  • Coaching for growth and productivity 98%
  • Language Training For Clinicians 97%

Kay Lindley

Kay is a change catalyst and thought leader. In addition to working in her business Mind Salad, Kay works in the corporate world as a general manager and change agent.

Past Experience: Kay’s corporate history working in strategic senior roles has involved overseeing large programs of work, managing multiple teams and rebuilding fractured and impaired business areas that require reinvigoration; through mentoring and coaching employees to discover their verve and excel. She also runs transformational courses in conjunction with others.

Passions: Kay’s passion propels her to help others lives through the provision of personal coaching, training and mentoring, helping the lost, depressed, bullied and traumatised reconnect to their resources of resilience to create positive outcomes. Her quest is to inspire, educate and show people how to achieve and live fulfilling lives.

When not working in ‘Corporate’ or tossing the mind salad, Kay can be found taking long walks on the beach with her dogs or laughing loudly with friends over veggie food and wine.

Whilst preferring to be known as having attended the University of Life, Kay has a Grad. Cert. NLP, Grad. Cert. Compliance Management and Certifications in Ericksonian and Satir Communication Patterns. Kay is a certified NLP trainer endorsed by Dr. John Grinder, co-founder of NLP and a student of Clean Language. Click here for more information

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Mind and Body Consultancy is based on the provision of providing health professionals training on how to better communicate and motivate their patients.

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