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Our aim is to help clinicians manage their more challenging clients gain better treatment outcomes, increase profit margins of the practice and open practices to a growing market in managing chronic injuries or health conditions.

There is a significant correlation between the clinician’s non verbal skills and patient satisfaction. Patient satisfaction influences the viability of your business.

Test your communication skills in this 3-5’ Self Assessment. Find out your personal strengths and weaknesses. Have a go NOW.

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Seminars and workshops are precious opportunities to bring learning to life. As you leave you feel as if your brain is firing on all cylinders. You will be tingling with ideas that you can implement immediately because you have had time to practice what you have been taught. At the end of the day it is about transforming the way you work with even you most challenging patients so that outcomes are dramatically improved for everyone involved. And that means you too!


While it’s great to read about communication and motivational skills, nothing beats being able to put into practice what you have learnt in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Learn such things as;

  • How to build rapport with people you don’t naturally get on with
  • Teach staff to confidently ask patients to make followup appointments
  • Improve the self confidence of new graduates
  • How to quickly pick up things that patients say to you that indicate lack of motivation may be a problem
  • Tools to help you deal with unmotivated patients
  • Tools to help your patients overcome fears related to their injuries
  • Tools to help communicate to both the conscious and unconscious mind with the aim of better compliance
  • How to create treatment plans from the patient’s perspective

Workshops are designed to meet the needs of individual practices owners, giving you and your team skill that can be implemented to immediately.

Popular Workshops


Rapport Skills for Front Desk Staff

Your Front Desk staff and the people managers of your practice. They are the first contact for every patient and the last contact before they leave your clinic. In this workshop we spend time explaining rapport and teaching them the skills to manage even the most challenging client.

Rapport Skills for Clinical Staff

Clinicians are taught how to assess and treat but there is an assumption that each individual has the skills to communicate effectively with every patient. This is a false assumption that can adversely affect the survival of the clinic.

In this workshop we cover the basics in rapport building skills to enable clinicians to establish relationships with all their clients. We also teach clinicians how to challenge difficult clients and stay in good rapport. Successful practices are built on lasting client relationships. Ensure all your staff contribute equally to the building of strong client relationships.


How to Motivate Unmotivated Clients

Every clinician will come across clients that are either unmotivated or temporarily struggling with motivation. In this extremely popular workshop we present a number of tools that can be implemented to help deal with this frustrating and all too common problem.


We offer 1-2 day seminars that cover communication skills and how they can be applied for the benefit of both the clinician and ultimately the client.

Topics that are most often covered are as follows:

  • Rapport building skills- without which everything else is more difficult
  • Understanding the world from the patient’s point of view
  • ‘limiting beliefs” and how these determine the success or failure of the recovery process
  • Fear and how to deal with it during the rehabilitation process
  • The use of Metaphor in the healing process
  • Motivational tools
  • Personal skills to help the practitioner deal with difficult situations

Seminars are always tailored to the needs and of the treating clinician to help them transform the way they work with even their most challenging clients so that the outcomes are dramatically improved for everyone involved.

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by Alastair | Feldenkrais Practitioner & Physiotherapist, from Moving Health and Chronic Comfort.

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