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Our aim is to help clinicians manage their more challenging clients gain better treatment outcomes, increase profit margins of the practice and open practices to a growing market in managing chronic injuries or health conditions.

There is a significant correlation between the clinician’s non verbal skills and patient satisfaction. Patient satisfaction influences the viability of your business.

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Engaging effectively with every patient is a constant challenge. As health professionals we are trained to assess and treat patients. We are taught to create treatment plans that we expect our patients to follow. And we also expect them to comply with our advice.

Well that certainly doesn’t happen in every or even in most cases. This often means frustration for the clinician who only wants the best for his or her patient and struggles to understand why their patient doesn’t seem to want the same thing.

It is also assumed that we know how to get on with every patient we see. That is like saying that we will relate well to every person me meet in our lives. This is a fallacy.

So what happens to the patients that we struggle to connect with or those who don’t seem motivated to get better?

They often go and find another health professional or stop treatment altogether saying “Physiotherapy (or other allied health field) doesn’t work.

Or worse that the treating clinician is no good. It is far easier for the patient to blame you for their lack of progress rather than be accountable for their attitude towards the recovery process.

Losing patients this way is both costly for the business and the individual

– How do you gain the skills to connect with all patients?

-How do you gain the skills to motivate seemingly unmotivated patients?

-How do you help patients manage the inevitable ups and downs during a long term rehabilitation program?

-How do you help patients develop new habits that enable them to successfully engage in your treatment plan?

We provide a range of options for clinicians to improve their skills in communication and motivation.

Consulting Services

  • Consulting Services 99%

Speaking, presenting, facilitating

We are available for public, or in-service keynote presentations with plenty of practical application provided during each session.

The topics we currently offer are:

Engage, Educate, Motivate

Rapport in the Clinical Setting

Tools to Help with Patient Motivation

Unflappable- Managing Anxiety (coming soon)


Let us inject some communication expertise into your business and personal life and bring a new dimension to key issues.

Online courses.

Styles of Consulting- free course

Tips to engage the depressed client- free course

How to increase patient compliance and decrease your frustration – $98


  • Coaching 99%

If you would like the opportunity to work through your personal challenges then individual coaching with Kay Lindley is for you.

Kay provides a 7 session block of coaching sessions where the first is a free discovery session. The aim in this session is to clarify the issues you want help with so that the next 6 sessions can be tailored to achieve the outcomes you want.

 The coaching package will involve:
  • 7 one on one sessions via Skype or Zoom. Internet connection is required for video
  • Training exercises
  • Review of exercises
  • Email contact
  • Resources

If you are the clinician, coach or trainer who wants to rapidly learn the communication skills to deal with every client that you see and not just the easy ones, then personal coaching is for you.

It will be intense but you will come out of the experience as a practitioner who can work with the mind and the body with the aim of achieving outstanding outcomes.

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Mind and Body Consultancy is based on the provision of providing health professionals training on how to better communicate and motivate their patients.

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